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“Do you not know,” writes the Apostle Paul, “that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?” (1 Cor. 3.16) He has received revelation in likening man to the temple. As God formerly dwelt in the temple, so the Holy Spirit indwells man today. By comparing ” “him to the temple we can see how the tripartite elements of man are distinctly manifested.


We know PHYSICAL temple OF GOD is divided into three parts. The first is the outer court which is seen by all and visited by all. All external worship is offered here. Going further in is the Holy Place, into which only the priests can enter and where they present oil, incense and bread to God. They are quite near to God: yet not the nearest, for they are still outside the veil and therefore unable to stand before His very presence. God dwells deepest within, in the Holy of Holies, where darkness is overshadowed by brilliant light and into which no man can enter. Though the high priest does enter in once annually, it nonetheless indicates that before the veil is rent there can be no man in the Holy of Holies.”

Excerpt From: Watchman Nee. “The Spiritual Man.” iBooks.

Outer Court – The BodyThe body is like the outer court, occupying an external position with its life visible to all. Here man ought to obey every commandment of God. Here God’s Son serves as a substitute and dies for mankind.

When we make a decision to obey God based on “ the outer court”, we are doing it based on other people will see or say about you

Holy Place  – The SoulInside is man’s soul which constitutes the inner life of man and which embraces man’s emotion, volition, and mind. Such is the Holy Place of a regenerated person, for his love, will and thought are fully enlightened that he may serve God even as the priest of old did.

Your soul is where your emotions and your will resides.    This is the place where we obey God but our motives are based on how we feel, how it will benefit us or a result of  leaning on our understandinging

The Holy of Holies – The SpiritInnermost, behind the veil, lies the Holy of Holies into which no human light has ever penetrated and no naked eye has ever pierced. It is “the secret place of the Most High,” the dwelling place of God. It cannot be reached by man unless God is willing to rend the veil. It is man’s spirit. This spirit lies beyond man’s self-consciousness and above his sensibility. Here man unites and communes with God.  No light is provided for the Holy of Holies because God dwells there. There is light in the Holy Place supplied by the lampstand of seven branches. The[…]”

Holy of Holies – This the place where the Holy Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are in communion with God.  When you operate in this realm, you will press through because you know that God’s word is irrevocable.  It doesn’t matter what people say or how you feel or whether it fits with the wisdom of the world, it is from God.

God speaks to us daily.  Please join us for daily reading.

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